How to Bless a Missionary – Offer to Help Them Raise Support (Week #19)

One of the least favorite tasks of many missionaries is raising support. If you are not familiar with this term, it means asking people to donate money to their ministry. Mission organizations typically help missionaries know how much money they will need to have from donors on a monthly basis. Some mission organizations then provide this amount once the missionary has been approved, but most organizations require that the missionary asks people to donate.

Missionaries can raise support from different sources:

  • Individuals
  • Churches
  • Sunday School Classes
  • Small Groups
  • Organizations

Some people choose to give a one-time donation or offering. Some will commit to give a monthly amount. Giving online makes this much easier now because people can schedule a credit card payment every month or monthly withdrawal from their bank account. A bonus is that donations are usually tax-deductible.

So, how can you help raise support for a missionary? Here are several ideas:

  1. First, become an expert about your missionary. You need to know what their ministry is and how they go about achieving it. If you are going to be promoting them, you need to be able to answer a reasonable amount of questions about them.  Make sure you know any websites and blog addresses. Know how people can donate.
  2. Talk about your missionary with your friends. Ask your friends if they have ever considered supporting a missionary and encourage them to pray about it. Share your own experience of giving. Explain that the amount they give does not have to be huge – maybe they can start with $10 or $25 dollars per month.
  3. Propose that your Sunday School class or small group consider donating a monthly amount or at least a one-time donation. You can adopt a missionary family and follow their ministry together.
  4. Ask your church to support your missionary. If your missionary is not currently receiving support from your church, ask your pastor to consider “taking them on” as part of the missionary support that your church donates on a monthly basis. The amount can be as small as $25 per month, but can also be much higher.
  5. Offer to help them take a family picture for their “prayer card”. Or better yet, if you have experience, help them design a “prayer card”. Most missionaries have some kind of postcard or greeting card with their picture. They give these out to people and churches to help people remember to pray for them and to ask for support.

Take a moment and consider how you can help a missionary raise support! They will appreciate your help!


Befriend an International Student

You may never be able to travel to exotic locations around the world. BUT this does not mean that you can only learn about other places by reading books and watching movies. You can learn about another country in your own home! Curious?

One of the best ways you can learn about another culture and country is to befriend an international student. Most cities with colleges or universities have many students from other countries. Some families choose to host a high school student for an entire year. (My grandparents did this.) Other families, like mine, just become friends with a local college student. We have been friends, now, for two years – meeting a couple of times a month on average. We love having him in our home, eating meals with him, and including him in our activities.  He loves our children and calls us his “American family”.

What does this relationship look like?  We are friends! We ask him about his culture and country.   We have tried to learn a few words in his native language. We try to learn about his religious beliefs. We have had many great conversations about what we believe and why we believe it. We have taken him to the airport, and picked him up again when he returned.  We have given him advice on job searches and interviews.  We have watched movies.  We have helped him move…several times.  I have cooked many meals (including one meal similar to one he might have gotten at home in his country). And recently he cooked for us!

The best part of this relationship is that my kids are learning about another culture.  They are also learning how to be respectful of someone with different beliefs. They have made a new friend, and they love having him come to our house.

If you need help to find a student to befriend, try contacting an organization like International Students, Inc.