How to Bless a Missionary – Loan them Something (Week #12)

Have you ever traveled somewhere and had to rent a car when you arrived? Or have you had to figure out how to get a car seat once you are there?

Many missionaries travel long distances to return to the United States, and then they travel again and again while in the U.S. Most don’t own cars in the U.S., and some will not have access to a car seat once they arrive.

One way you can help is to loan them something like a car or child’s car seat. These things are bulky or cumbersome and they might need them while in your area. This could save them hundreds of dollars. They might only need to use it for a weekend or a week, or they might need it for the whole summer. Find out their needs are and see how you can help. Even if you can only help part of the time, this can still be a huge help. This also helps the missionary family be good stewards with the money they are receiving from donors. They don’t need to waste donated money on a rental car if someone local can let them use one for a few days.

If you think about it, you might even be able to figure out some other things that a missionary could use. All you probably need to do is ask them. Do they need a saw, a blender, a ladder … I bet you could think of other ideas. Share them with us!

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Jennifer Brannon

Jennifer Brannon is a former missionary kid who lived in Puebla, Mexico, from age 11 to age 19. She now lives in Kansas with her husband and three children. She wrote “Missionary Kid Stories” to educate and inspire children to dream about becoming missionaries. She wants children to learn about all different kinds of missionaries and mission work. In this way, they will grow to understand that God can use all kinds of people and talents to tell others about Himself.

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