How to Bless a Missionary – Give Them a Special Gift (Week #20)

My family was blessed several times by someone giving us a gift during our time in the United States. Sometimes this involved giving money, but many times it was an item that was very useful to us.

One such instance was a family that gave us a military-grade water filter. They knew that we needed to purchase several large 10-gallon “garrafones” of water every week in order to have drinking and cooking water that was safe. They saw a need and decided to purchase this for us. It was extremely helpful, and saved us lots of money over the years.

Another example was a Sunday School class that heard that we did not have money to purchase a clothes dryer. This meant that I grew up helping hang clothes and taking them off of the clothes line. It also became tricky to get clothes dry during rainy season because you had to wash clothes early and get them hung. They needed to be dry by midafternoon because it rained almost daily. This class took up a collection of money and gave us money to purchase a clothes dryer upon returning to Mexico. This was my senior year of high school.

I encourage you to find out some needs from a missionary with whom you have contact. You may be able to give them a gift while they are back in the States raising support, or you may be able to send them a gift of money to purchase the item in the country where they live. Find out the best way to accomplish this. There may be limits on what they can carry or take back, and there may be rules about what can go through customs. Also, they may have to pay extra to get something through customs.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started thinking:

  • A new laptop
  • A water filtration system
  • A washing machine or clothes dryer
  • An appointment for family photos
  • A kindle
  • An ipad
  • A cordless phone or cell phone
  • A car (for them or their child staying for college)
  • A gift card
  • A massage
  • A hair appointment
  • Boxes of diapers
  • A carseat
  • A stroller
  • A homeschool curriculum
  • A musical instrument
  • A bicycle
  • A tool (saw, drill, etc.)
  • A sewing machine
  • An instant pot or slow cooker
  • A blender or food processor

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Jennifer Brannon

Jennifer Brannon is a former missionary kid who lived in Puebla, Mexico, from age 11 to age 19. She now lives in Kansas with her husband and three children. She wrote "Missionary Kid Stories" to educate and inspire children to dream about becoming missionaries. She wants children to learn about all different kinds of missionaries and mission work. In this way, they will grow to understand that God can use all kinds of people and talents to tell others about Himself.

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